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At Perfetto Paints, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality products! If you have questions, contact us at info@perfettopaints.com or call 402-502-5087.

Perfetto Paints is your one-stop shop for decorative painting and faux finishing products. We manufacture a full line of metallic paints, glazes, plasters, wood sealant, colorants, artist products, and faux finish training products. We also offer a full line of training classes, training videos, DVDs, and more. Our exterior metallic paints offer exceptional performance on virtually any surface including, walls, furniture, concrete, stucco, and metal.


Perfetto Paints offers the world's largest selection of metallic paint colors. Boasting over 84 colors of metallic paint and growing. We offer gold, silver, copper, and bronzes, but we also have an extensive variety of unique colors. Our Metallic colors can be intermixed to create more colors and we also offer color matching.

Metallic Paints are extremely durable, water-based paints with full exterior and interior capabilities. Perfetto Metallic Paints have so many uses outside of just cabinets and furniture. These paints have so many other uses such as artwork, accessories, pottery, exterior painting, residential homes, commercial buildings, trim or accent pieces, awnings/downspouts, overhangs and front doors. Nasa has even used our metallic paint on a rocket. Our Metallic Paints are ideal for use over concrete, stucco or metal as well as virtually any surface.


View our large selection of Pearl, Gold, and Copper Pigments!

  • 20 New designer Pearlescent Pigment Powders
  • 52 metallic/pearlescent pigments to choose from
  • Pigment colors not seen anywhere else!

Metal powders and Pearlescent powders are the finest MICA powders we have found. The collection consists of 32 different colors and particle sizes. Our Pearl Powders are easily incorporated into all water-based systems. Click here for more details!


A pearlescent paint with over 76 colors, which has a subdued metallic paint appearance with a soft feel and texture, along with a sparkly radiant glow. Silk Soft RadianceTM is ideal as a stand-alone finish or as a base coat for decorative glazing. You can mix 40% Silk Soft Radiance to 70% Perfetto Glaze to make a Silky Pearlescent Sparkly Radiant Glazing liquid. This is an extremely durable product that is super simple to apply and a very profitable technique.

Applying Metallic Paint | Metal surface

Click here for "step by step" instructions on applying metallic paint to a metal surface. This is an excellent "Step by Step" instruction page with information for anyone wanting to paint on a raw metal.

Flat Rock | Perfetto Paints | Perfetto Plaster

PerfettoTM Inc. newest addition is the product known as Flat Rock. This is a high solids plaster with a creamy mashmellow texture that provide alot of thick film build and is therefore excellent for creating Stone Effects. It is available in Flat Rock "Shimmer" version as well.

View Product Page for Flat Rock

View Product Page for Flat Rock Shimmer

New Crackle Kit | Perfetto Paints | Crackle Paints

Check out Perfetto Inc's new Crackle Kit and new crackle pr
oducts which includes the amazing new Porcelain Paint, Porcelain Crackle, Clear Crackle Random Crackle Grossezza XT crackle, Crackle Size and Canvas White Bondago Base Coat. The ultimate in Faux Painting Crackles.

Portofino | Prefetto Paints | Perfetto Finishes

PerfettoTM PortofinoTM is a heavy bodied coating offered in 22 factory colors. This product enables a burnished or polished appearance which provides both matted and polished/burnished highlights with a large amount of pearlescent shimmer. Portofino provides multi-tones and burnishes extremely easily providing high shimmer burnished marks. Portofino has the highest pearlescent reflection of all the pearlescent burnishing plasters.

The artist will appreciate how easily these fine powders incorporate into Faux Finishing Glazes or clear acrylic fine art mediums for a virtual infinite number of special effects.

Shimmered Suede | Perfetto Paints | Perfetto Samples

Blue PearlTM Shimmered SuedeTM is a creamy, heavy bodied coating offered in 33 factory colors. By simply troweling on two to three coats, this product enables a shimmering pearlescent look that feels soft to the touch. This product provides an elegant, "high-end" look with relative ease of application. Check out the "How to Apply" link below.

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Old World Brick DVD

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