How to Apply - Shimmered Suede
How to Apply - Shimmered Suede

Step By Step - How to Apply - Shimmered SuedeTM
Method 1- three step procedure

1. No special base coat is required, however, a similar colored base coat helps. Roll a thin coat of Shimmered Suede over base coat. A fairly short nap such as a Wooster 3/8s nap Wooster Pro-Doozy roller cover seems to work well.

2. Allow rolled coat (what we call "scratch coat" to dry and then using a stainless trowel or Japan Scraper, trowel coat over the rolled coat. This coat should be thick enough to fill in the texture of the rolled coat below and, this coat is applied in strategic areas, not all over. Meaning, apply this coat sporadically where you want the polished or burnished areas to be. The raised areas of texture that you craft on this coat (what we call the "back fill" coat) will be the areas that burnish the most. The shimmering or polished areas will occur wherever this coat is applied and were the texture is raised.

3. Once dry, apply a third coat over the entire surface. This coat is applied and then as much as possible is scrapped off or removed. Meaning, apply the material to the wall in a spreading motion and then immediately come back over this area with the trowel and scrape it off. This scraping motion is done by increasing the angle of the trowel to the wall and scraping fairly hard against the layers below while removing the product. This procedure burnishes or polishes the layers below and fills in much of the remaining texture of the initial remaining rolled coat.

Method 2-two step procedure

1. Trowel this first coat on the wall using a stainless trowel. This coat would typically be thick enough to cover the base coat so that no base coat is visible showing through. Try to get this coat fairly smooth. Wherever there is texture of trowel marks, these raised areas will be the areas that are burnished or polished when the second coat is applied.

2. Once dry, apply the second coat in the same manner as described above in Method 1. Apply the second coat in a spreading manner and then increase the angle of the trowel and with considerable force and scraping motion, scrap the second coat off and put it back in the container.

Method 3-two or three step proceedure

1. Stipple, or pounce Shimmered Suede randomly onto surface with large brush or sponge, leaving voids so that no material exists in certain areas. Where you stipple or pounce the material on, these areas will form the burnished stone marks or stone like pieces. Some areas of material should be larger and heavier (you want it random, not a repeat pattern). Immediately come over the stipple marks with a trowel and knock the Shimmered Suede down. You do not need a lot of film build, meaning that you can knock these stipple marks down flat. A good method is to have a very wet towel on one hand and the trowel in the other. Wipe the trowel with the wet towel prior to knocking down the Shimmered Suede, this will help to keep the Shimmered Suede from sticking to the trowel and smoothes out the Shimmered Suede more. It works well to wipe the trowel each time before and stroke against the Shimmered Suede to keep the trowel well lubed with water.

2. Allow the patchy Shimmered Suede from step 1 to dry. Once dry, apply a second coat of Shimmered Suede over the entire surface with the stainless trowel. This done by trowel on a thin coat in a half moon swiping motion, which pushes the product into the recessed or voided areas (where there is no material) and scraping the tips or protruding patches. While doing this, increase the angle of the trowel and scrap hard against the material so that you burnish or polish the first coat.

3. Repeat step 2 to get the desired amount of polishing or burnishing desired. Remember, you are apply the second and subsequent coats with a hard scraping motion to force the material down into the recessed areas and polishing or burnishing the protruding edges from the first coat.