Ultimate Crackle Kit
Ultimate Crackle Kit

Perfetto, Inc. has the best most extensive collection of Crackles in the Industry. Available now, Perfetto Inc.'s new Crackle Kit which includes and 8 oz jar of the following products:
New Porcelain Crackle, New Porcelain Paint, New Clear Crackle, White Bondago Base Coat, Grossezza XT, and Crackle Size.

These are close up images of faux painting finishes done with the new Perfetto TM crackle products. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Perfetto's new Porcelain Paint over the new Chipping Paste without the use of Crackle Size.............Smokin Beautiful !!.

This sample is the Porcelain Crackle over the new Chipping Paste without the use of Crackle Size.

New Random Crackle. This product yields nice jagged crackles. This was applied thick over Crackle Size and then color washed with Rapido Glaze and Umber Colorant.

Perfetto's new Clear Crackle over Crackle Size and Bondago base coat tinted blue and color washed with Umber.

This the New Porcelain Crackle over Perfetto Crackle Size that has been lightly color washed with Glaze and Blue Sea Colorant. Notice the big cracks using Crackle Size as compared to the yellow sample (top right) in which no Crackle Size was used.

This is a great example of a Grossezza CHP sample that Ted did years ago. Great for Furniture. CHP is not part of the Crackle Kit, but can be ordered in 8oz jar.

This is good example of Grossezza XT used over the Plaster Roccia PL without use of crackle size. The XT cracks nicely over PL without the use of size.

This is another great XT sample that Ted did years ago. Its XT crackle on the bottom with a little Sasso Perla skip trowled ove the top.

Here Ted did a nice Faux Brick finish with hand Painting. The Crackle Used was Grossezza XT.

These three samples were all done with the new Random Crackle and are from Ted's new video.