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We are excited about the new line of Heath Fine Art Acrylics. These are professional grade acrylic art paints that have exterior durability making them excellent of canvas or exterior murals. These paints have the durability and flexibility to assue your artistic creation will last.
The line has over 20 artist colors as well as over 40 artist metallics and numerous mediums. These paints are extremely concentrated with no fillers or extenders and contain 100% organic, mica or iron oxide pigments. This product line is also manufactured by Perfetto, Inc which is the company that manufacturers the Blue Pearl line of products as well as the Perfetto line of products.
The Heath Acrylics have excellent tooling strength which makes them very easy to work with and they dry quickly so that they can be painted over within a short period. They also can be painted over with or act as a base coat for artists oil paints. Heath Artist Metallic Paints are premium fine art metallics which feature 40 brilliant shimmering colors the largest artist metallic collection available. Heath Artist Metallics are based upon advanced self-crosslinking acrylic technology which gives them exterior capability and incredible durability.
The Extending Medium slows the drying time and causes the paints to simulate some of the characteristics of an artist oil paint. The line also has a primer called Art Prime which is excellent for sealing raw canvas. There are innovative high-solids texture products on the line which enable the artist to create many texture and relief effects off the canvas. As with all Perfetto and Blue Pearl products, no expense was spared in making these the highest quality, premium artist paints. The quality is definitely in the can!!!.